When talking no longer works

What is Reattach?

“The capacity for Self-Soothing is born out of hundreds and hundreds of instances of being soothed by someone else.”  Rachel Samson

We offer an intervention called ReAttach, which is a short-term hands-on therapy approach that uses combined sequenced tactile stimulation and cognitive prompting.  The aim of Reattach Therapy is to foster integrated multi-sensory processing integration, in order to advance people’s relational and mentalising abilities. ReAttach has been described as a method used ‘where talking no longer helps’, it has a proven evidence base to help alleviate symptoms of autism, anxiety, trauma, OCD, ADHD, chronic pain, amongst others.

If you would like to have more information about a ReAttach intervention, which typically requires 6-7 spread-out appointments, please do contact us directly through the contact form.


For more information see the below links: 

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Please feel free to inquire if you have any further questions about how we work.

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