In any given moment we have two options: step forward into growth or step back into safety

Abraham Maslow

Welcome! We are a collective of independent Psychological Consultants associated by a shared understanding of how to help people achieve holistic health and well-being.  Each of us operates an independent clinic in the same premises and can be directly contacted through our individual links in the following pages. Together we share over 50 years of experience in managing to help with forms of severe stress and distress. We are experienced in individual, couple, family and organisational or systems interventions, and can help with anxiety and depression, compulsivity and addiction, phobias and PTSD and a variety of diagnosed mental health problems. We can also help with sexual and physical health problems as well as relationship issues. We are recognised by all major private health insurers as providers of psychological therapy. Please contact us directly for more information or explore how we work and what we can offer through the information on this website. We are looking forward to hear from you.


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